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Why can an artwork not be recognizable, life-size, touchable?
Art made by unkown can merit Los Angeles.
You can find this art in Shanghai.

Critical art can merit Los Angeles

No critical artworks are found. The average of critical art is 2% so in Los Angeles 4 pieces where expected. In any case: in all the great cities critical art is scarce. Critical artwork reflects on social, economical, political aspects.

More art with social themes encourage reflexion

Less than evarage there are less explicit (1%) artworks and art with a historical (0%) or social (6%) subject. In Los Angeles more works (17%) than evarage (13%) are made by international famed artists. The downside is shortness of art by local artists. In many cases these artists reflect on themes important in a social group or in a era.

Figurative art and beauty

Small pieces of art with a special focus on beauty are hard to find (many pieces are modern, huge and special). Artwork with “only” the focus on beauty, grace and intimacy can merit Los Angeles. There are less figurative artworks (23%) then average (35%).

Key-words of the projects in Los Angeles: explicit, critical, social, historical, figurative, parc a.o.

20 pieces of art are chosen from Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Florence, London, Milan, Paris, Prague, Shanghai and Venice.

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