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Art at Site	April	Greiman	Big Bowl of Rice Finished. Waiting for Giant Soy Sauce Packet

April Greiman

Big Bowl of Rice Finished. Waiting for Giant Soy Sauce Packet

Vermont at Wilshire
At a crossroads, next to an entrance to the subway and a shopping area, this work Mural by April Greiman is does not imposes itself. The work is both in day- and night-time (with the help of a perfect lighting) atmospheric and brings me a spiritual longing for harmony and cohesion. After examination it appears to depict a finger and bowl by the use of a rich palette of colors.

In the essay by ArtAtSite this artwork is compared with the following artworks. Check this link for the essay.

In the evening offices are empty along a river. On top of one of these buildings Dainton Neon Tower by Philip Roger Vaughan (London, picture 1, more information) is standing. This artwork is visible from afar. The colors bring merriment and take the uncanny feeling away, not only for the area immediately around the building but in a larger area.

On a dark spot in the city, a small light on a roof is suddenly seen. It turns out to be Uomo Della Luce (Man with Light) by L. Bernardi Roig (Milan, picture 3, more information). The man is bared chested and has difficulty wearing his charge. This is a powerful hopeful artwork. Happiness can be brought apparently by a stranger on an unexpected moment.

At first nothing is noticed but suddenly it becomes apparent: the artwork Four Seasons by Rob Birza (Amsterdam, picture 4, more information) changes continuously. Because of the changing of the colors, the artwork express different emotions. The artwork is formed by four faces. Because of the simultaneously changing of color, this makes a different combination of spheres. This wakes u the emotional life in this seeming endless and impersonal walkway in the airport.
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