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Art at Site	Stephen	Antonakos	Neons for Pershing

Stephen Antonakos

Neons for Pershing

Square Station
This work commemorates the first neon sign in the US, posted around the corner from Pershing Square in 1924. Commemorating this art form, neon artist Antonakos created Neons for Pershing Square, a series of neon sculptures suspended from the station’s high ceiling. The twelve sculptures, with their imaginative shapes and bright colors, create an exciting, lively atmosphere in this modern station. Artist Statement: “The neons are meant to be seen each for themselves, in combinations and as a total group. The forms are open, allowing architectural elements to be seen through them. This means that not only the columns, the ceiling and the walls, but the space all around them is brought into the experience of the art.”
The station uses an island platform layout and is decorated with a neon art piece by Stephen Antonakos. The work pays tribute to the first neon sign in the United States, which was hung in 1924 in the Pershing Square area. The station is currently undergoing construction activity to install station canopies for the stations entrance."